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USA Today best-selling Author, Rosemary Laurey is an expatriate Brit, retired special ed teacher and grandmother, who now lives in Ohio and has a wonderful time writing stories of vampires and shapeshifting pumas.

Note: Many people ask how to pronounce my last name. It's not really how you'd expect. First syllable: Lau- (The a is a schwa: like the sound at the beginning and end of Alaska. The u isn't pronounced) Second syllable: -rey. (The -ey has the long 'a' sound as in they.)



My favorite books:

I decided to try to pick twelve books to recommend. Impossible! But here are some books I have read and reread, or remember years after I read them.

  • Sunshine—by Robin McKinley. I was sent this book to review, and it astounded me. An absolute MUST READ. Once of the best, if not THE best book I read in 2004.
  • Blood Games—by Chelsea Quin Yarbro (or any of her Saint Germain or Madeleine de Montarlia, or Olivia Clemens books for that matter).
  • Persuasion—by Jane Austen—I love the idea of a 'second chance'.
  • Less than Angels—by Barbara Pym (or anything else she wrote. This an author to go to when you wish Jane Austen had written more. Think of Jane Austen commenting on the mid-twentieth century).
  • Forever Amber—by Barbara Winsor
  • Clare's War—by Anita Burgh—a book I just could NOT put down.
  • Regency Buck—by Georgette Heyer
  • The Talented Mr. Ripley—by Patricia Highsmith (A truly evil hero—and you see the world from his point of view.)
  • Green Darkness—by Anya Seton
  • The Scarlet Pimpernel—by Baroness Orczy
  • The Silver Sword—by Ian Serraillier A children's book, yes, but one I've read and reread both to classes and for myself.
  • Demelza—by Winston Graham (or any of his Poldark novels.)
  • Blood Price—by Tanya Huff ( and the rest of the series)
  • Three Men in a Boat—by Jerome K Jerome (for when you need a laugh)
  • Cold Comfort Farm—by Stella Gibbons (to keep on chuckling)
  • Palace Walk—by Nagib Mafouz The first book of his Cairo trilogy, the setting is so incredibly real, you end up smelling the spices in the bazaar and the coffee brewing in the streets.
  • Dead Until Dark—by Charlaine Harris A lighthearted, fun read. Who could resist a vampire named Bill?
  • The Invisible Man—by HG Wells. I was about twelve when I read this but the final scene still haunts me.
  • Shining Through—by Susan Issacs
  • The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole aged 13 3/4—by Sue Townsend
  • Daughter of Time—by Josephine Tey


Books by Rosemary Laurey and Georgia Evans

Click here for downloadable list of print books (pdf)

Books by Rosemary Laurey and Georgia Evans

Forever Vampires- Kensington Zebra
Some of these titles have two possible ISBNs as they have been reissued. Current ones are:
Kiss me Forever ISBN: 978-1420114959
Love Me Forever ISBN: 978-1420114966
Be Mine ForeverISBN: 978-1420114973
Keep Me Forever ISBN: 978-0821779286
Midnight Lover ISBN: 978-0821779293

Older issues
Kiss Me Forever/ Love Me Forever (double volume) ISBN: 978-0821776612
Be Mine Forever ISBN: 978-0821776636

The first two books were previously published as
Walk in Moonlight ISBN: 1929613539
Rapture in Moonlight ISBN: 1931419094

Brytewood Series from Kensington written as Georgia Evans
Bloody Good ISBN: 978-0758234810
Bloody Awful ISBN: 978-0758234827
Bloody Right ISBN: 978-0758234834

Paradox series from Samhain Publishing. Written with J C Wilder
Sacrifice ISBN: 9-18159-998298-4
Deep Waters ISBN: 9-781599-98299-1
Stone Hearts ISBN: 9-78159-998300-4

Non Fiction
I have contributed to the following titles

Fabulous at Fifty ISBN:978-9566957-0-3
The Write Ingredients ISBN: 1-59998-653-1
Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul ISBN-10: 1558744606
Chicken Soup for the Single Soul ISBN-10: 1558747060

Complete Guide to Writing Paranormal Novels. Vol. 1
ISBN-10: 1897492413
ISBN-13: 978-1897492413

I have short stories and novellas in the following titles

The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance 2 ISBN: 978-0762437962
published as Love Bites in the UK ISBN: 978-84901-043-6
Includes Into the Mist Forever- a story set in the world of Forever Vampires

Loves Me, Loves Me Not
hard back: ISBN:978-07783-0311-4 trade paper: 978-0-7783-0321-3 mass market 978-0-7783-0337-4
Includes Nightwalker- a vampire story set on the Ohio frontier.

Immortal Bad Boys (Brava)
trade paperback: ISBN 07-582-0621-6
mass market: ISBN 978-0-7582-5393-8
hard back: ISBN 0-7394-4612-6
Includes a non-series vampire novella: Velvet Night

Texas Bad Boys (Brava)
trade paperback ISBN 07-582-1483-9
Includes 'In Bad with Someone"

The Morgue the Merrier
mass market ISBN: 1-4201-0042-4
Includes novella 'Dead Certain : No vampires. This time it's ghosts.

Winter Warriors
trade paperback ISBN: 1-84360-656-9
Includes a non-series vampire story: Turkish Delight.

Dream Quest
trade paperback ISBN:1-55316-494-6
Includes a Kallaayt's tale- a dragon story.

Sexy Shorts for Lovers ISBN: 095-4489-926
Includes The Green Man a fun paranormal short story.

Single title non series books
Southern Song ISBN 1-4199-5330-3